Yoga with Free Weights Immersion Training

July 24-27, 2019 in Ubud, Bali

Why is this training for you?

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    Bring confidence to your students

    Learn how to teach the Badasana Series, a unique infusion of medium dumbbell training and Vinyasa yoga. This practice build strength both externally and internally, boosting the confidence of your students. 

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    Take your anatomy knowledge to the next level

    Let's face it, we could all use an anatomy re-cap from time to time. In this training, we focused specifically on the anatomy related to the BadAsana Series. Better said, we take a look at the anatomy for both yoga and medium weight training. 

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    We focus on what's most important

    Rather than overwhelming you with ALL the asanas on the planet, this training focuses on the importance of fewer key asanas. Additionally, we dive into the yoga philosophy principles that best align with the series. 

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    Trust in your ability to lead

    At the end of the training, you will have all the knowledge required to design, integrate, and sequence a yoga class using weights. We want you to leave feeling 100% confident in your teaching style!

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    Unleash your authentic voice

    The world needs more teaching who are willing to step into their authentic voice. Through Nadine's support, you will be guided to find and teach in a way that best works for you and your unique personality.

What is the BadAsana Series?

Based upon classic asana yoga principles, the Badasana Series integrates light to medium dumb-bells throughout a Vinyasa infused class.  This moderate intensity practice leaves high impact as it builds body awareness, endurance and strength, personal confidence and boosts over-all well-being.  Whether you are a certified yoga and/or fitness instructor in search of some useful tools to add to your toolkit, this program is ideal for you. 


Nadine McNeil

Universal Empress was launched in 2010 as the brand representing Nadine McNeil, a yoga teacher, speaker, transformational coach and humanitarian. Her mission involves igniting others to create and dwell in infinite possibility, and share the tenets of yoga within communities where it has been largely inaccessible.


E-YRT200 certified Yoga Instructor

Founder of Universal Empress and the BadAsana Series


What to expect each day


    Dive into Anatomy

    Start off the day with a Yoga with Weights class to get into the body first thing in the morning. We will spend the rest of the day diving deep into anatomy, with meal breaks in between training sessions. 


    Learning the Basics

    Before jumping into another yoga class, we will start the morning with a review of yesterday's learnings. On day two, we focus primarily on the basics of class structure and sequencing. We will close off the day with a beginner practice, followed by an assessment. 


    Finding Authenticity 

    We will start the day with more review and an intermediate level yoga with weights class. Then, dive into Nadine's training on finding your voice, harnessing your teaching style, and building the authenticity of your classes. The day will close with another intermediate practice and assessment. 


    Practice, Practice, Practice

    After a morning of review, yoga, and a teaching session on prop usage, you will begin to practice teaching yoga with weights. This is the opportunity for you to not only practice, but receive feedback from Nadine to make sure you're teaching safely and authentically. The day will conclude with a certificate presentation and closing. 

As both a yoga teacher and fitness trainer of 20+ years, I absolutely love the Badasana Series that Nadine has created. It takes the best of a solid foundational yoga practice maintaining its integrity and authenticity and fuses with it some core fundamentals of a strength and conditioning workout. It has a scope for all levels of participants and it bridges the gap that exists in those who only practice yoga and are missing some extra needs for a stronger style of practice. I love it and would recommend it to teachers and students alike especially if getting to the gym is not on their list of priorities.


Founder PEDAL Bali

This was a very thoughtful and well-planned course, giving me the basic knowledge and understanding on how to incorporate yoga with weights. Nadine was great in encouraging us to find our own voice and teach from what we know with the understanding that using weights safely in yoga is an effective way to balance our bodies, minds, and gain and maintain strength and stamina. She also uses her sense of humor to make the class entertaining when needed, but also commands attention when needed as well. Overall a very balanced, well prepared, and thought out training.



I found this training to be transformational! The practice of yoga with weights has helped me tap into the deepest layers of myself and go through a journey of healing. Other than using the practice to build physical strength, it helped me connect deeper into the essence of who I am as a teacher and find my own voice. Nadina has held space for each of us on this training is such a beautiful way. She has given us her utmost attention to help us find our own approach in teaching yoga with weights. I cannot have imagined a better way to start this year. Thank you Nadine for this magical experience.


Yoga Teacher


If you have additional questions, please send Nadine an email at

What is the minimum requirement to enroll for this program? 

It is required that all students enrolling in the BadAsana training are certified in YTT-200 hours. You will also be required to complete an intake questionnaire prior to joining the program. 

Do I need to have any prior teaching experience?

What is the cancellation policy?

Are there payment plan options?

What is included in the training? 

What are the requirements for receiving a certification? 

There will be daily assessments throughout the program, as well as practice teaching on the final day, where Nadine will provide feedback. Upon completion of training, you'll be required to submit a 30-minute class or self practice video in order to receive certification.


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